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Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Florida

cheap homeowners insurance Florida

Homeowners Insurance Florida

Diverse Insurance Group has years of experience in the Florida Homeowners insurance market.

cheap auto insurance in florida

Auto Insurance Florida

At Diverse Insurance Group, our primary goal is to secure you the most appropriate coverage for your automobile at the best possible price.

Cheap Commercial Insurance Florida

Commercial Insurance Florida

There is no better way to protect your business than to maintain proper and adequate insurance coverage.

cheap Flood Insurance Florida

Flood Insurance Florida

According to FEMA, flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the United States. The geographical location of Florida makes it more inevitable to Floods. Diverse Insurance Group will make sure you are never under water.

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cheapest homeowners insurance florida
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cheap homeowners insurance Florida
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Some of Our Clients

restaraunt insurance florida
commercial insurance Florida
commercial insurance Florida
Florida commercial insurance

Are you prepared for any sort of unpredictability?

Worried About Your Assets and Personal Belongings?

Our Expertise is Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Florida

From natural disasters like, rain, storm, flood to theft and fire, many homeowners rely on their homeowner insurance policy to protect their belongings and properties from damages that may occur due to these unexpected events. The test of an insurance company is based on what coverage plan they offer to their clients and at what rates. The best provider is one who knows what type of insurance would best meet the customer’s needs and to provide policy amendments when necessary. So, what are you waiting for use our expertise of cheap homeowners insurance in Florida to reduce your insurance premiums now!

Our professional insurance underwriters specialize in providing proper guidance and some of the cheapest homeowners insurance rates in Florida. Something not every insurance agency in Florida is able to obtain. This is possible because Diverse Insurance Group maintains relationships with several big insurance carriers in Florida. So, Floridians waste not time shopping around for insurance in Florida.

Facts About Property And Home Damage:

Fire: Around 374,000 of homes catches fire every year, which results in a loss of about $7.32 billion.

Burglary: In the past year more than 2,000,000 houses were burglarized, with an estimated loss of $4.6 billion.

Tornadoes: In the past year, 1,691 tornadoes destroyed the majority homes in the US, at an estimated cost of around $4.6 billion.

To What Extent Does Homeowners Insurance in Florida Protect Me?

Broadly speaking, your insurance policy in Florida covers all potential losses occurred as a result of severe storms, floods, fire, sinkholes, theft or burglary. However, risk of flooding and earthquake disasters are not included in your home insurance policy and need to be covered separately.

Again our expertise is something you will not have to worry about! Proper guidance to obtain cheap homeowners insurance in Florida with complete coverage is guaranteed. Our claims department is active 24/7 throughout the week which is why you may not face any difficulty in obtaining guidance or filing a claim for homeowners insurance in Florida.

What Is Homeowner Liability Coverage?

It protects you when your guest or someone else visiting your premises gets injured and/or your neighbor’s property is damaged due to some unintentional act that may have been caused by your side. You can also protect yourself if you harm someone unintentionally off-premises. Note your personal liability insurance will not protect you in the act of violence and any intentional injury made to another person.

It can also protect you if:

• Your dog bites your guests.

• Your child breaks a neighbor’s window while playing.

• The guest gets frequent vomiting after dinner or declared food poisoning and gets hospitalized. The above list is not exhaustive, and there are many other situations.

Why Floridians Need Us For Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Florida? 

We work as an independent agency and are well aware of all the ins and outs of insurance in Florida. Our professional insurance underwriters will get your questions resolved on time. Additionally, we are able to provide cheap homeowners insurance in Florida to all our clients. We are the providers of the best insurance coverage in Florida, and that’s why you really do need us!

What do We expect From You?

Before getting your insurance plan, it is advisable to thoroughly discuss your concerns, limits, and deductibles with our homeowner’s insurance agency in Florida so that we can better analyze your coverage plan. All you need to do is understand that cheap homeowners insurance in Florida from other agencies may not offer complete coverage required. We can literally bring your assets back to life!

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Some Testimonials - Our Valuable Clients

Mohammed Abid found us the best price and provided the best customer service anyone could expect. He went above and beyond to communicate with our mortgage company and followed up with excellent service. We highly recommend him and feel confident referring our friends and family to him. Mel & Sharon

Sharon Schwab

Origami Owl Independent Designer

Mohammed Abid is an amazing insurance agent. Every time I have a question or a concern, Mohammed gets back to me quickly with an answer that is easy to understand. He is highly dependable and very trustworthy. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Jennifer Brock

I must say, there is no better customer service oriented business in the insurance industry then Diverse Insurance Group and Mohammed Abid! I have now insured 3 properties with them and have utilized them to insurance 100’s of my clients properties. As a seasoned mortgage brokerage, we need someone we can trust and know someone is going to work until the job is done, that is how I have experienced Diverse Insurance Group & there staff!Thank you very much for your hard work, dedication and customer service to myself and my clients!

Jason Walowitz

Financial Counselors & Mortgage Broker, United Financial Counselors

When I think insurance, there is only one name/company that comes in my mind: Diverse Insurance Group and Mohammed Abid. The service and dedication to the customer is unmatched within the industry and Mohammed personally strives to ensure the best rates for each of his customers. I have insured all my current and will insure my future businesses with Diverse Insurance Group. Thanks again guys for all of your consistent support!

Monish Budhrani

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