Burglary-the most common threat to your beautiful home. We feel like we are in Heaven because no place is more comfortable and safer than our home. Regardless of someone’s presence, home burglary is the easiest crime to commit and to prevent also. Unfortunately, in the US, a burglary happens every fifteen seconds. But if it happens at your beautiful home in Florida, there are lots of ways which you can do to boost your home security and make your expensive home burglary resistant.

Follow the three essential ways to keep you, your family and your home safe.

Your house must look occupied

The first thing which burglars will check is that whether you and your family members are in the country or not. Empty houses invite thieves! Here are some ways to look your home busy when you’re out.

  • Use light timers throughout your house.
  • You can also use timers to turn your TVs and radios on.
  • Lower the volume of your residential phone so no one can hear it outside.
  • Don’t stop your newspaper and mail delivery, if you are going on vacations. Ask a neighbor to collect it on your behalf. They just invite burglar, “Come inside.”

Make it hard to access

  • Keep your doors and windows locked. Never hide your house key in a place where it can be found easily.
  • Use metal doors and also attach metal strike plate to the door so that a thief cannot open it by kicking at the metal plate.
  • Don’t forget to leave a ladder outside your home otherwise; that can be used by burglars to access your roof or windows.

Fix a home security alarm system

They aren’t a guarantee that vandals will not enter your home in Florida. However, they make it hard for burglars to get into the home.

  • Use yard sign that defines that a security alarm system protects your home.
  • Make frequent checks of the sign visibility.
  • Choose security systems which have motion sensors or detectors.

Consider Other Measures Too!

The above tips will not work if you don’t add other security measures. We are one of the best home insurance companies in Florida, which not only sell policies but offer our clients all possible solutions to prevent themselves from home insurance claims.

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