Home Upgrades Affects Homeowners Insurance In Florida

Planning a home renovation is a fun activity that every homeowner enjoys; a new floor plan, new paint colors, etc. all gives your home a fresh look.  But not all improvements can boost your home’s value nor lower your premiums and you may leave with vulnerable to losses. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your provider about those upgrades that reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance in Florida. In this blog, we will explain to you how 4 common home improvement ideas can affect your home insurance policy positively.

New roof

The majority of losses from hurricane, wind, hail and snow occur due to old roof. However, a new roof may not be the sexiest improvement but can save a lot (cutting premiums by 10% to 20%) when it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida.

Fence around the swimming pool

A pool may make you riskiest homeowners from an insurance standpoint. If your pool isn’t surrounded by a fence the chances of injuries may rise. Therefore, your insurer would not mind lowering your premiums if the pool is surrounded by a fence with a lock to reduce liability risks.

New fixtures and appliances

Insurers love new things! If you’re planning to replace your old systems and appliances with the new one, this attempt may lower the cost of your homeowners insurance in Florida. The reason is new items have fewer chances of going out of order as compared to the older appliances.

Kitchen and bath upgrades

If you have an older home, your contractor may upgrade the home’s plumbing and electrical systems during a kitchen or bathroom renovation. This could wind up you with an insurance discount, and that should offset your policy’s increased coverage costs.

Bottom line:

The money you spend on home improvements or upgrades not only increases your property value but a percentage of total spending would come back to you in the form of homeowners insurance discounts. Remember, a well-maintained home needs home insurance that is regularly maintained too.

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