Different states in the US have different laws and practices when it comes to purchasing a property, the biggest investment of our life. Florida, with its thriving urban centers and white sandy beautiful beaches, has now become a popular destination for tourists and for buying a second, winter or primary homes. Are you thinking to purchase your property in Florida?

If yes, then here are 5 important things you need to learn before buying a home in Florida.

1. Hire Your Realtor

Before buying a house in Florida, contact your realtor who can help you find your dream home and handle all the tedious and complex procedures involved with the property purchase. The benefits of hiring a realtor includes:

  • Housing market knowledge
  • Ability to find a home which matches best with your needs and budget
  • Protect you from unsound deals
  • Helps you in dealing with paper works
  • Deadline oriented
  • Negotiating and closing the final deal.

2. Home Inspection

You should not rely 100% on the seller’s disclosures and should hire an independent and informative home inspector to verify all disclosures. It is critical to get your home inspection report to be sure that your prospective home is free of all material defects and to identify problems such as,

  • Water leakage and erosion issues
  • Termites and other pests
  • Odor problems
  • Structural integrity, and
  • The heating and cooling systems; electrical, walls; plumbing; drainage, foundation, and flooring.

3. Title Issues

Before buying a home in Florida, a buyer should contact a title company to obtain a title search and also purchase a title insurance to protect your property against unexpected claims by 3rd parties.

4. Purchase Agreements

A purchase agreement must be in writing, contains all material terms and conditions, include (seller’s) offer to sell, (buyer’s) acceptance of the offer, adequate property description, and the sale price. After signing by both the parties, this legal document becomes a binding contract between them, the breach of which (by either party) will give rise to many legal problems.

5. Home insurance in Florida

Homeowners insurance in Florida can be challenging! Also, you may also require flood insurance.

  • Older Homes are tough to insure because of their year old structure and materials used in the past.
  • Galvanized pipes, no hurricane straps, outdated electrical, plumbing or other issues give rise to higher insurance cost. Also, if your roof doesn’t meet wind mitigation standards you will be liable to pay higher premiums

As soon as you finalize the contract with the seller, get your cheap home insurance quote from our best insurance company in Florida.

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