Here are the five most common moving mistakes people make and how you can avoid them:

1. “Jumping Right in” Instead of Planning Ahead

Relocation is an immense job and being hesitant about it is your worst enemy. Even small moves can be tiring, like shifting a studio apartment across town, can be nerve-racking and expensive if they’re not well planned. If you have the luxury of time, you should start planning your move months, yes, months in advance.

You should start making travel agreements, look into moving companies’, pack, and get your financial and logistical affairs in order as soon as possible. Begin keeping a specific notebook or binder for moving-related information. Keep all your records in it, from copies of the moving estimate to restaurant suggestions in your new neighborhood.

2. Bad Timing and Poor Scheduling

Timing is crucial. Usually, summer months are the most hectic time of year for moving companies. Note that moving companies may not be accessible if you’re moving close to a holiday. You should begin exploring your options for moving companies a month to two before your moving date. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an unknown or unreliable company with high rates, or the nightmare scenario: no moving company at all.

Higher demand means companies will charge you a lot of money for weekend moves and truck rentals.

3. Choosing a Less-than-Reputable Moving Company

Investigating into a moving company is vital here. Selecting an inappropriate company can mean stolen or damaged property, a move that is far costlier and longer than originally quoted, and being overcharged for things like packing material. And once all your stuff is in their truck, you’re in an awful position to argue.
Although you might find yourself great deals on the internet, prefer following a personal referral from friends or family. If that’s not possible, check with your realtor or a moving company with solid reputation and years of experience.

4. Moving with Unnecessary Items

Blindly squeezing each thing into boxes might seem like the simplest way of packing, but it also becomes a stress. For one thing, extra items mean extra weight, so you may end up overpaying your movers or overstressing your own back.
Moving gives you a chance to cull your belongings. Use your move to get rid of clothes you don’t really wear anymore.

5. Insufficient or Nonexistent Insurance for Valuables

Moving can be tough on your belongings. Accidents tend to happen even if each item is carefully packed and taken care of by experienced individuals. Get accustomed with your insurance options before you move. That way you can be rest assured that you’re covered in case anything does get damaged.
Consult with your moving company to find out the details of its liability coverage policies. This coverage will either be based on the total weight of your items, the assessed value of your items, or the full value of replacement of your items.