Homeowners Insurance In Florida

A homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect your beautiful home, personal property and provide reimbursement in the event of any loss or damage. When an insurance claim is filed, many homeowners are surprised to discover that certain items are excluded from their home insurance policy coverage.

Below are five surprising areas that most homeowners are confused about in the world of Florida home insurance.

Motorized Equipment

Typically motorized items aren’t covered under homeowners insurance policy for liability purposes. However, ATV used in your own backyard may be covered, but it will not fall under your policy if you take that same ATV off of your property and sustain a loss. Until recently, even the young children small motorized Barbie Jeeps were excluded from coverage, but now sometimes explicitly named in newer home insurance policies.

Business Activities

Typically, homeowners insurance policy in Florida covers only minor losses associated with damage or theft of home office equipment. Don’t count on your homeowners insurance to cover business assets or business liability losses. For example, if a lawsuit connected to a business is filed against you, home insurance won’t cover any related claims.

If your business activity is conducted inside your home, it would be better purchasing separate business insurance to guarantee proper coverage.


Most accidents caused by pets are covered by homeowners insurance policy in Florida unless your policy specifically excludes a particular breed or size of the animal.

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Musical Instruments

Like many other high-value items, musical instruments, require a separate “high-value insurance policy” (http://www.insurefloridians.com/high-value-insurance/) to guarantee full replacement cost. The same rules apply for, jewelry, silverware, antiques, firearms and other high-value collectible items.

Borrowed Items

If you borrow an expensive item such as a high-powered snow blower from your friend or neighbor, and it breaks under your supervision, you may be liable, and your home insurance will not cover any related claims.  As a responsible homeowner, you need to personally bear the cost of replacing your friend or neighbor’s damaged equipment.

Tip: Ask your insurance agent exactly what is covered under your home insurance policy, if you aren’t sure.


To know more about the coverage of your personal property items, Diverse Insurance Group can be your best choice. We work for customers directly, not for an insurance company and our expert home insurance agents are happy to assist you always by customizing a homeowners insurance policy in Florida to meet your home insurance needs.

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