Homeowners Insurance Policy In Florida Isn’t A Nightmare

Owing a beautiful and expensive home in Florida can be fun until something unfortunate happens (natural or man-made disasters) to your property. Making a home insurance claim on your cheapest homeowners insurance policy in Florida can be a nightmare when it is denied. While most home insurance legitimate claims are settled, there are many that got rejected.

Tips To Get Successful Claim On Homeowners Insurance Policy In Florida

Here are some effective tips for receiving a full compensation for your home insurance claims.

Fight for a legitimate claim

Never assume “NO” a final answer. About 10% of home insurance claims are unjustly denied, but a smart homeowner who has a legitimate claim should fight for it.

Review the Case

In case if your claim gets rejected, insist that your case should be reviewed and also ask for a written comprehensive explanation of the legitimate reasons for rejecting the home insurance claim.

Check your Florida homeowners insurance policy

Soon you receive in writing the reasons for rejecting the claim, go through the details to confirm anything doesn’t make sense in your policy. Then inquire about it in writing and do refer the policy when needed. This might help in reconsideration of your home insurance claim.

Ask your independent insurance agent for advice

While agents work with the insurance companies, they might give you helpful advice. To know more about how independent agents help each homeowner in getting successful home insurance claims, please read our blog “Advantages of having an independent insurance agency near me in Florida.”

Know your rights

As a policyholder, you can call the State Home Insurance Department that governs insurance in the United States to know about your rights.

Persistence is Key

Be persistent and call your insurer at least once every two weeks. But don’t forget to be polite. Keep a record of all calls with date and names of the agents you’ve spoken with. The best way is to follow up each call with a letter of comprehensive explanation for the conversation you had and a written response in 2 weeks. Also, keep copies of the letters you send. It is advisable to send everything by mail with a return receipt.

Why Do You Need To Contact Diverse Insurance Group?

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