Homeowners buy cheap home insurance to reduce their risk of damage occurred due to natural or man-made disasters. What they may not take care of that, there are a number of factors that can quickly raise your premiums before an event occurs. Some factors are controllable when taking appropriate steps to minimize the risk and lower insurance premium cost, however, others are beyond homeowners control such as weather or any criminal activity. Even for those uncontrollable factors, there are certain steps that, if taken, reduce the risk of eventual loss and that could be enough to minimize your Florida homeowners insurance premiums.


Not all the dogs which are considered to be aggressive, are your best friends. Some can be very costly or almost impossible to insure such as, owing Doberman, German shepherd, Siberian husky, Pit bull, Great Dane, Akira etc. The easy way to reduce your Florida homeowners insurance risk is to check your insurer list and avoid owning such dogs as blacklisted by them. This is not limited to dogs only, but some other exotic animals like monkeys, tigers or others which can  raise premiums high.

Swimming pools

If you have a pool, secure it with a fence, gates, and other safety equipment so that the risk of drowning for your family members or guest visiting your home, gets reduced. The best solution is to avoid installing pools at home. Trust us, the money you save by not installing pool is enough to join a private membership of any nearest club.


Trampolines are fun for recreational purposes, but associated with high risk and premiums. Simply by adding a net around your trampoline, the risk of personal injury cannot be reduced, therefore, it is suggested to invest in some other recreational activities to lower your risk and Florida homeowners insurance premium.

Credit scores

Your good credit history means a lot  for insurance companies. Insurers will cross check whether you pay your dues on time and a low credit score could result in increased premiums.

Fire protection

Your home location matters a lot when it comes to fire protection. Living near to fire hall could lower your premium cost and vise-versa.

Poor home maintenance

Leaky roofs, poor water pipes, damaged heaters are some of the examples of poor home maintenance. Homeowners who don’t care to replace their old faulty appliances may see their premium rates high or can also be canceled.

Neighborhood history

When shopping for a home, try to little research about your neighbors. Although you cannot eliminate the crime risk, but some simple steps such as adding deadbolts or other high-security features may make your  premium cheaper when you decide to acquire Florida homeowners insurance.

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