If you own property in Florida and have Florida homeowners insurance then you must know that there are various pitfalls in the home insurance industry. If you don’t know how to play smart then you can be at severe loss.

We bring to you 7 useful tips that every homeowner should know and remember when deciding about Florida homeowners insurance:

  1. First and foremost you should know that what is covered under your policy. your basic home insurance policy should protect you against all major losses including storms, fire, theft, vandalism.
  2. On the other hand you should also that what is not covered under your policy so as to refrain filing unnecessary insurance claims. Standard policies does not cover earthquakes, power failure, war, nuclear hazard, bad repair, Govt. action etc. You should know yours.
  3. Shop around, explore as many options as you can and then make the final decision. Compare various policies and take expert advice on the same.
  4. Use your instinct and install certain security features in order to lower your premium rates.
  5. File claim as soon as possible. Don’t wait long to file a claim as it can backfire you or can be rejected.
  6. Always keep the record of things and expenses. They will save you at the 11th hour and help you in filing successful claims.
  7. Ask your insurance provider about jewellery protection. Normally it can be insured against small sign up fees.

If you keep these 7 steps in mind, you can crack the best deal for you.