More and more residential alarm systems warn of trespassers or sound an alarm in an event of a fire at the home or send a signal to a central monitoring system. Operators at the site then inform the respective fire or police department. Although some argue on how well these systems protect people and their belongings and whether the protection offered is cost-effective, many Florida insurance companies give homeowners a deduction for having them in place.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the United States. This puts insurance companies on alert, encouraging the installation of alarm systems. Majority of the insurance companies give you a deduction on your homeowner’s insurance for installing and managing an alarm system with supervision through central monitoring. These deductions vary from house to house.

To obtain the largest alarm discount offered by your insurance company, your alarm system must consist of central tracking that connects to emergency services. When a trespasser enters, it prompts a loud alarm at your house and then the system sends a signal to the alarm company’s central monitoring facility. You will receive a call from the person who is monitoring this activity. If there is no answer from you or you confirm that there is an intruder, the monitoring personnel notifies the fire or police department.

A supervised alarm system, is a system that is incorporated with a company that specifically monitors your home’s activity and can notify authorities. These systems can lead you to receive remarkable discounts on your Florida homeowner’s insurance premiums. Although it will not be sufficient enough to absolutely compensate for the price you paid for your alarm system, it will certainly cover the cost of home security.

According to a survey conducted by the Electronic Security Association, they found out that the 10 largest insurance companies offering homeowner’s coverage found premium discounts up to 20 percent if a home is equipped with a monitored alarm system. These discounts can be significant enough to pay for a fraction of the monitoring costs or the installation of a system.

According to Temple University, researchers found that a single-family home protected by a burglar system is 60 percent less likely to undergo a home intrusion. In addition, a study by Rutgers University concludes that due to alarm systems now being installed in homes, the crime rate has significantly reduced.

This leads us to believe that if you install a monitored home alarm system, there are is less of a chance of you being robbed or intruded. This means that your insurance company will not have to shed thousands of dollars to cover you. So in all, a reduced risk for your insurance provider means a reduced premium for you.