Homeowners insurance plays a pivotal role in America. However, homeowners do not realize the importance of having a homeowners insurance on them which goes a long way in protecting them against a catastrophe.

Reports have suggested that few Americans take necessary precautions when preparing for a disaster while a lot of Americans just simply assume that their home insurance policies will naturally be there for them and pull them out if a catastrophe strikes.

With floods in Louisiana and hurricane season, a recent survey has concluded that numerous homeowners do not have adequate insurance coverage with some who are not aware regarding homeowners insurance policies. Surprisingly, another survey done by Independent insurance agents and brokers concludes that hundreds of thousands of homeowners do not have sufficient resources to support themselves and their households if a catastrophe strikes them.

A survey was conducted on homeowners where almost 73 percent of the respondents responded by saying that they do not have flood insurance policy. Floods are taking place in Louisiana and Florida is no different as Floridians have experiences severe floods as well. Flood insurance is purchased separately from homeowners insurance. The survey further revealed that more than 40 percent have no idea if they and their belongings are properly covered in their insurance policy.

Only a handful number of people claimed that they have certain savings that will help them in an event a catastrophe strikes while others simply said that they do not even want to think about a disaster striking as they would be in a terrible state. Furthermore, a survey done in August 2016 revealed surprising figures; fewer than one-third of the respondents have an updated and complete home inventory stored away from their current premises.

A lot of homeowners are misinformed regarding their homeowners insurance policy. Many of them believe that their standard homeowners insurance policy will successfully cover them if a disaster strikes. However, that is not the case. Homeowners are simply relying on the insurance agency and not taking necessary measures to keep themselves secured. Homeowners need to safeguard themselves against disasters like flood, fire or hurricane. Knowing this is quite shocking as it’s the season for wildfire and hurricane.

With majority of the respondents not having adequate amount of flood insurance coverage, such people will not be covered if a flood strikes and are pretty vulnerable at this point in time. Will water level rising year by year and the weather getting worse, it’s high time one should focus on setting affairs straight and obtaining the relevant insurance in order to safeguard themselves against such disasters. FEMA claims that flood is the prime threat and one should not take this leniently.

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