Why Should I Contact Cheap Homeowners Insurance Near Me?

If you’re a homeowner who has filed frequent insurance claims in the past and as a result, have a bad credit history may now be facing difficulty renewing your homeowners insurance policy in Florida. That’s because when you file a claim all these actions get noted in your history file maintained by your insurer to view it later for future claims. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should know these points before filing your next claim which can prevent your headaches later.

1. Small claims cost more

Smaller claims cost more than bigger claims if filed frequently. It also affects your reputation in front of the insurance company and when accumulated also results in the bad credit history.

2. Get a CLUE (report)

CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange is a claims information report that records claims filed by you in the past. CLUE helps insurers to review homeowners risk for future claims. Before filing your next claim, it would be better if you review your claim report and analyze what it will going to end up with.

3. Red flags might be there

Even if your CLUE report is perfect, the insurer might charge you higher premiums or deny specific coverage the reason is your house could be a red flag. Any damage to your property could adversely affect your homeowner’s insurance rates.

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4. Right to appeal

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t be afraid of filing claims when necessary. Even if you feel your claim is rejected for any wrongful reason you have the right to talk to your agent and ask him to reverse the decision. Remember, homeowners policies are designed to protect you in the event major claim hits you. If you’re knowledgeable about your past claims then you’re in a good position to avoid costly premium surprises.

Can Anyone Help Getting Cheap Homeowners Insurance Near Me?

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