Due to constant changes in our lives, insurance needs change as well depending on various occurrence of events, which is why we suggest you do an annual insurance check. The following questions might aid you in figuring out whether you require a change in your current coverage.

Have you gotten married or divorced? – If you have gotten married, you may need to update your Florida homeowners insurance since you both will be living together. You may also want to consider expanding your insurance for any new items you have received, such as wedding gifts, jewelry and rings. You may further qualify for a discount on your auto insurance since couples tend to bring in two cars. Your existing insurance company might have good discounts for this.
On the other hand, if you have gotten divorced, you likely will not be sharing your car and house with your former spouse. In this case, you should immediately notify your insurer as you will now be needing separate auto and Florida homeowners policies.

Have you done extensive renovations on your home? – If you have incurred extensive advancements to your home, such as building a new room, kitchen, bathroom or expanding your porch, you are possibly under-insured if you do not inform the changes to your insurance company. An increment in the expense of the structure of your home may involve a raise to your Florida homeowners insurance coverage limits. You should also consider any structure which you have made outside your house, such as a gazebo or a new shed. You should also keep receipts of any additional purchases you make.

Have you decided to buy a second home? – If you want to purchase a second home where you might want to retire to, just make sure you look around for the best cost effective Florida homeowners insurance before you jump into purchasing it.
The catchy factors which make the home seem the best possible option might turn out to be the very risks which might become difficult to insure, such as the nearness to the coast. The risk of theft or disaster is as symbolic as your town home so do not cut back on the insurance. If your recent purchased property is close to the water, you should have flood insurance as damage to your possessions resulting from floods is not covered in your standard Florida homeowners insurance policies.

Have you acquired any new valuables such as jewelry, electronic equipment, fine art, antiques? – typical Florida homeowners policy provides only defined coverage for highly expensive items. If you have made purchases or received gifts which exceed these limits, you should consider adding a floater, a separate insurance for your valuables. Note that before purchasing a floater, these items must be appraised by a professional.

Have you signed a lease on a house or apartment? – In an event where you are renting a home, your landlord is subject to insure the structure of your home and not for insuring any of your belongings as that is up to you. If you want to have yourself covered from fire, windstorm, lightning and other calamities, you should get renters insurance. You should consider carefully regarding what your financial position might be after a disaster, and be assured you have the type of policy that best fits your needs.