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Traffic accidents in the US are common, and according to the Census Bureau, more than 10 million accidents recorded each year. The best thing is to be prepared for the unexpected so that the recovering costs of an accident aren’t devastating to your future finances and the best way to do that is to acquire Auto Insurance in Florida.

Is Auto Insurance In Florida Is Required?

In the U.S, drivers of every state are required to have auto liability coverage, such as personal injury protection (PIP). Whereas, in Florida (no-fault state) you’re legally required to purchase both PIP and property damage liability (PDL) car insurance.

What Does Auto Insurance In Florida Cover?

The three primary types of coverage are:

Liability insurance: This type of insurance covers the cost of injuries and property damages you’re responsible for.

Bodily injury liability: Covers the cost related to the other person injury or death when an accident happens because of your fault.

Property damage liability: Covers the cost related to other person’s property damage –like vehicles, buildings, home or other structure, when an accident is your fault.

Collision: Covers the cost associated with repair or replacement of your damaged vehicle after an accident.

Comprehensive: Covers damage to your vehicle that has been destroyed in situations like auto theft and weather damage.

Other types of coverage include:

  • Medical payments: Covers the cost associated with injuries for you and/or your passengers in an accident, regardless of whose fault it was.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): This type of coverage is similar to medical coverage. PIP covers your and/or your passenger’s medical bills including coverage for lost wages.
  • Rental reimbursement: Covers a specific amount daily as a reimbursement of your damaged vehicle if it is in the shop for repairs.

Why is Florida ‘A No-Fault State’?

Florida no-fault insurance means that the auto policy will pay for the medical expenses up to the coverage limit, regardless of who was responsible for an accident. Your personal injury protection (PIP) also covers you even if you’re not riding in your car but in someone else’s vehicle.

Minimum coverage:

  • $10,000 of no-fault or PIP coverage
  • $10,000 of PDL insurance

In the United States, there are only 11 states that have no-fault insurance: New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kansas, Hawaii, Utah and North Dakota.

FL Penalties For No-Coverage

The state clearly outlines the auto insurance requirements. If you let your auto coverage lapse, then the state of FL can suspend your driving license and when the license got suspended your vehicle registration will be suspended too. So, to reinstate your vehicle and driving license there are penalties which you will be required to pay if you’re a resident of the Florida state.

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