Non Standard Auto Insurance in Florida


Non Standard Auto Insurance in Florida

Non Standard Auto Insurance in Florida

Non Standard Auto Insurance in Florida is sold to drivers whose past history or other risk factors makes it impossible or difficult to obtain auto insurance in Florida at preferred rates. Many drivers in today’s Florida insurance industry are considered as “non-standard” due to their age, driving record, multiple accidents experience, moving violations, an exotic vehicle, credit history and other related factors. Teens, senior citizens, and immigrants who don’t have a U.S driving record are also considered as non-standard drivers, that is where Non Standard Auto Insurance comes in.

Characteristics Of Non Standard Auto Insurance In Florida

  • Sometimes Non Standard Auto Insurance in Florida is also referred to as Excess & Surplus Lines (E&S).
  • The Non Standard Auto Insurance Policy may involve additional fees depending on the level of risk.
  • This policy is more flexible than standard auto policies regarding acceptance of impossible to insure or high-risk applicants.

Is Non Standard Auto Insurance In Florida Expensive?

This insurance policy is written on Florida state approved forms and can vary greatly in pricing. The Non Standard Auto Insurance policy in Florida is customized according to policy holder needs and is comparatively more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy.

However, a driver who cannot qualify for standard auto insurance needs to be a part of this turned down state policy specifically designed for auto insurers of “last resort.”

You Deserve The Best Non Standard Auto Insurance Coverage In Florida

Don’t worry if you are labeled as a high-risk or non-standard applicant. Diverse Insurance Group  has helped countless drivers qualify, despite what other insurance agencies may have told them. We offer flexible coverage options complimented with great pricing and customer service that is unbeatable.

Diverse Insurance Group also covers other Auto Insurance categories such as Standard Auto Insurance and Classic Car Insurance. We can even insure your dirt bike, motorcycles, RV and other non-standard vehicles.

So what are you waiting for? Please fill out our ‘Get A Free Quote’ form or simply click here to contact our professional licensed insurance agents to learn more about our non standard auto insurance in Florida and obtain your desired coverage.

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