Why Is My FL Homeowners Insurance Policy Canceled?

Your FL Homeowners Insurance Policy can be canceled for several reasons. Some of them may include too many claims, a large loss, or unacceptable risks found on the insured’s property. Whatever the reason is, your next step should include finding new home insurance coverage in Florida before your policy cancellation date. This is necessary in order to avoid any gap or lapse in protecting your home.

Reasons Behind Cancellation Of FL Homeowners Insurance Policy

When an insurance company cancels FL Homeowners Insurance Policy, it must provide you with a written notice including reasons for the action. Soon you will receive a written notice, review the reasons for policy cancellation and in the case of any dispute, contact your insurance agent in Florida as early as possible. The common reasons that your Florida homeowners policy might be canceled are listed below:

     1. Vacant Home

Your insurance company may cancel your policy if the insured’s property is found to be vacant. Before you leave your home vacant, do review the vacant home insurance clause mentioned in the policy. Most policies state that if your house is vacant for 30 days or more, a homeowner must notify the company to decide further action.

     2. Too many claims

Generally speaking, if you have too many claims in a standard policy period, your insurance company may cancel your FL Homeowners Insurance Policy. File only high-value claims and Save your good claim history.

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     3. Poor payment history

This alone may not get your FL Homeowners Insurance Policy canceled, but in conjunction with some of the above factors, this will make you a target for policy cancellation. The insurance company also reviews your payment history upon renewal of your FL Homeowners Insurance policy.

     4. Due date

If you have not paid your FL Homeowners Insurance policy premium by the given due date, most insurance companies will have a grace period of 30 days or less in which you can make a payment. Check with your FL insurance agency to see what the grace period is and make the payment accordingly.

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