Previous year happened to be a tragic year followed by increase in road fatalities and increase in insurance rates.

With change in weather due to climate change, roads get affected as well. Drivers tend to neglect the fact about being utterly conscious while driving. Changing a simple traffic lane, adverse weather conditions and minimal sleep can turn a simple task into a difficult one.

Initial estimates from the National Safety Council (NSC) claim that 2015 proved to be the deadliest year for drivers since 2008. 2015 indicated an 8% increase in traffic deaths from 2014-2015, proving to be the greatest year to year percentage increase in over the decades.

According to the NSC, Florida has seen an 18 percent increase in traffic related accidents along with fourth highest increase in auto accidents across the nation.

These tragic accidents can be influenced by decrease in gas prices which make driving much more affordable as the gas prices are 28% lower than 2015. Also, a higher unemployment rate along with excessive use of mobile phones having features like live streaming and snapchat while driving can be the reason for distracted driving.

The leading insurance and financial experts have pointed towards distraction while driving as the main cause of recent increases in car insurance premiums which if not paid on time can lead to a bad credit report hence a further increase in your Florida homeowners insurance premiums.

Such traffic accidents have led to an increase in medical expenses. Although, cars nowadays are equipped with advanced safety features, as a result, they are much more expensive to repair.

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