Does Insurance Agency Near Me Bundle My Policies?

When you purchase different types of insurance policies from a single carrier, a discount may be given to you known as bundling discount. This is one of the most common and easiest ways to score a cheaper quote that reduces your premiums. The most common bundled products in Florida are homeowner’s insurance policy and auto insurance policy; you can also bundled other types of policies too. How to know that insurance agency near me can bundle my policies? You can visit their website or talk to their representatives on call for detailed information. And yes, Diverse Insurance Group follows the same path.

This blog helps you to find out how bundling homeowners and auto policy can help you save big money on insurance.

The Benefits of Bundling

You Have One Agent To Deal With

The best part of bundling policies is that you don’t need to talk to multiple agents to inquire about your policies. This saves your time whenever you want to file a claim on your insurance. For those who’re busy in their work and family, saving time is equivalent to saving money.

You Pay One Price Each Month

By combining your policies, you deal with one insurance agency near you and pay one price each month for your coverage’s.  This makes easier for you to deal with your payments.

Others on Your Policy May Get Benefited

If you are the parent, your son or daughter is included in your auto policy. So when you will receive a discount on bundling policies, your teen driver will also receive a discount on it.

Which Is The Best Insurance Agency Near Me?

When choosing insurance agency near you, Diverse Insurance Group is your best choice. They have expertise in bundling different types of insurance policies and offer you a discount which a variety of carriers cannot. Stop paying for each policy individually; combine all together and save your time and money in the long-run.

We cover a wide range of Homeowners policy that includes: Condo Insurance, Renters Apartment Insurance, High-value Insurance, and Landlord Rental Property Insurance. As for auto insurance we cover Non Standard Insurance and Classic Insurance policies.

If interested to bundle your homeowners and auto policy with us, please visit


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