Would Affordable Home Insurance In Florida Become Difficult To Find?

Homeowners insurance is vital for the protection of your biggest investment against theft,  damage or losses from natural or man-made disasters. But what if your homeowner’s insurance policy lapses? How will you file the claim? Obviously, you’ll find yourself unprotected and will have to bear the loss out of your own pocket. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait long for the new policy or you can’t get insurance again. Let’s talk about how to reinstate your affordable home insurance in Florida.You might have to do some extra searching but that’s ok!

Call your former insurance provider

Soon you discover that your homeowner’s policy lapsed, call or visit your insurer to reinstate your policy. However, if the reason of lapse was excessive claims or unpaid bills they may refuse to insure you again as per their company’s policy. In this situation, you need to buy a new policy from the another provider.

Visit other insurance providers

If your former insurer refused to reinstate you, we would advise you to shop around. Ask for quotes each insurance company or agent you visit. They may ask you reasons for, but make sure you do not lie as this will most likely affect the rates. However, some providers might welcome and ready to provide you an affordable home insurance in Florida.

Look into FAIR plans

If you are consistently denied for cheap homeowner’s policy coverage, you might want to look into Fair Access to Insurance Requirements. FAIR plans are designed to provide coverage to high-risk applicants at affordable rates. Once you get the insurance, send the copy to your mortgage lender as a proof that your biggest investment is now insured.

Bottom line:

Allowing homeowners insurance policy to lapse will cost you big if disaster strikes. If you’re among those homeowners who have been gone through several rejections to get new affordable home insurance in Florida, please contact us at (754) 300 7352 or you can live chat with our representatives at www.insurefloridans.com.

So, what are you worried about? We CARE for you and are here to help you 24/7 round the clock!

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