If you’re residing in the state of Florida, you must have heard about wind mitigation inspection and it’s insurance. And if you’re not aware of that, it means your homeowners insurance is at high risk.

Understanding Wind Mitigation

It is the process of adding high-resistant wind features to your home that will act as a barrier when a major storm or disastrous hurricane enters your state.

How Can Wind Mitigation Insurance Save Me?

Getting cheap home insurance in Florida is a dream of every homeowner, however, they can also receive substantial credits (long-term savings) for adding security features to their homes. Same as investing in wind mitigation features to your home increases the chances of less damage due to storms or hurricanes.

Is It Compulsory?

  • No, it’s not, but highly recommended by the insurance providers. Especially, if you’re living in areas which are more prone to these natural disasters.
  • It will not only add your savings, but installing hurricane window shutters can protect your family in the event of danger.
  • Installing hurricane straps on your roof reduces the chances of flying scattered pieces in your home and putting your loved ones in danger.

What Features Do I Need?

Well, that depends on the structure of your home. A licensed inspector will be sent to your home to evaluate your property features and then a recommendation will be made for home repairs or improvements to enhance its wind mitigating features sustainability.

Here are the wind mitigating techniques to protect your home and family members.

Roof Covering

Inspectors will inquire about the year of roof installation and does it meet building code standards which were last updated in the year 2001?

Roof Decking

An evaluation will be made of the type of your roof decking and whether nails are used or it is stapled down.

Roof Attachment And Geometry

What roof trusses are attached to? Hurricane clips or nails? A hipped roof is more secure and close to get good discounts.

 Water Barrier

The Inspector will evaluate if your roof deck is sealed to avoid penetrating water. If your roof was upgraded or installed before 2008, there are less chances to have this sort of water barrier.

Window Protection

The inspector will also determine that storm shutters and shatter-proof windows are installed well.

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