Many homeowners make a mistake of thinking that they’ve purchased cheap homeowners insurance in Duval County and now there’s nothing to worry about. But when natural or man-made disasters hit, they’re unable to claim entire damage and discover mistakes in their homeowner’s insurance policy they shouldn’t have made earlier. Instead of waiting for the next disaster, you should look out and review your existing Florida home insurance policy for the following four costly mistakes;

  1. Assuming that flood damage is covered

Even if you have standard homeowners insurance in  Duval County, you would not be compensated for flood damage since you did not opt for flood coverage which is an important add on to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Therefore, you have to buy a specific flood insurance policy to cover your valuable asset in case of a flood disaster. A standard homeowners insurance policy with flood coverage may cost you more. It is best to discuss this with your local home insurance agent in order to get the best rates from the best carrier.

  1. Underinsuring

The concept of underinsurance isn’t new for Floridians. Many take a policy that only covers their mortgage less than the actual value of their home. While other homeowners may purchase a policy whose value is equal to that of their home. The problem with this type of coverage is that when a disaster strikes, it will cost homeowners much more to rebuild their home. Your homeowner’s insurance agent in Duval County is the best person to speak to as the agency possesses professional insurance underwriters who will be able to guide you to obtain a cheap homeowners insurance policy in Duval County with adequate coverage matching the actual value of your home.

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  1. Insurance Agency

Getting cheap homeowners insurance in Duval County from the best insurance advisor is an essential step every homeowner needs to understand, especially when it’s about getting the right coverage at the right price.

The simplest way to find the best homeowners insurance in Florida at the most affordable rate is to work with an independent insurance agency like “Diverse Insurance Group” that is currently working with several insurance carriers in Florida.

  1. Mold or sewage backup 

Similar to flood damage, sewerage or drainage pipes are also not included under standard homeowner’s insurance in Duval County. It is advisable to talk to your independent insurance agent that understands the unique risk and will advise you accordingly. You will need to make sure even if you are being provided with a cheap homeowners insurance rate that you are being covered for sewerage problem which is a very common issue here in Duval County, Florida.

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