What Is Covered By Cheap Homeowners Insurance Near Me?

Is it your home only that needs 100% protection? What about other valuable assets? Don’t they pose a risk to natural or man-made disasters? Despite what the name might imply, homeowners insurance in Florida covers much more than just your beautiful home. The main purpose of this blog is to make your doubts clear about the most frequent questions asked by Florida homeowners whether ‘ cheap homeowners insurance near me ‘ will protect only my home? In fact, any home insurance  traditional policy should cover all of the following:

Dwelling coverage:

Dwelling coverage pays for the damages– including plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating and air conditioning – from any cause covered by the Florida cheap home insurance policy.

In some cases, the damages are so severe that repair is either not sufficient or totally impossible and you need a total rebuild. But to cover the cost of any potential rebuild, a homeowner should have enough dwelling coverage.

Other structures coverage:

It pays for damages to any other structure on your insured property, such as fences, garages, sheds, etc.

Personal property coverage:

Reimburses homeowner for his or her personal items that got destroyed by any covered cause, such as jewelry, musical instruments, sporting goods, furniture, clothes, and electronics. However, for high-value contents, a separate High-Value Coverage is required. 

Loss of use coverage:

This type of coverage pays your additional living and housing expenses if covered damages force you to move out of your home while it is being repaired or rebuilt.

Liability insurance:

If any incident occurred on your property which held you liable for damages to another person or his property, liability insurance covers the cost of your defense costs if that person files a suit against you.

Medical payments to others:

It pays for the minor medical costs of anyone including friends injured in your home, such as a simple fall on the floor, cuts, or burns. This type of coverage is a lesser version of liability coverage for incidents.

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