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Contractors Liability

Why Do I Need Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida?

In this beautiful state of Florida, all contractors, and builders need to have comprehensive Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida. It protects your business against third-party errors causing any sort of property damage, negligence or personal injury. This includes lawsuits filed by a customer or other parties whenever costs may arise such as during a construction contract.

As a General Contractor in the great State of Florida it is extremely important that you have the proper Contractor liability insurance. Don’t you want to be protected from any claims coming out of personal injury, negligence or property damage?

Who Needs To Be Protected by Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida?

No matter how smart you are in executing a contract assigned to your company, uncontrollable accidents may still occur. No one is a perfectionist! Therefore, Contractors, general contractors, and subcontractors are required to carry the best contractor’s liability insurance in Florida as guided by the state laws and companies they work for. The following list isn’t an exhaustive list, but if your business falls under the following categories, you need to get yourself protected under affordable contractors liability insurance in Florida.

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Electrician
  • Handyman
  • Carpenter
  • Snow Plow
  • Cleaning and much more.

What does Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida Cover?

Property damage: It protects against property damage of your client if a claim is filed against the contractor.

Bodily Injury: If a person gets injured, he can hold his contractors responsible for the damage.

Negligence: For example, if you’re hired to install a new setup of wiring and the wiring results in a fire, a claim can be filed against you. In this case, you will be covered for the loss subject to policy conditions.

Even if a contractor unintentionally does not abide by his/her contracting terms, Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida will bear the costs for it as mentioned in his/her policy. The insured will need not to worry about the hassles occurred during his business operations because his/her case is in the hands of a lawyer or a reputable insurance company who has a policy provided to him/her by professional insurance underwriters.

Contractor’s Liability Insurance in Florida Certificates

A certificate of liability insurance is also known as ACCORD. It is your proof of coverage. Before starting your job, be sure to receive your ‘certificate of contractors liability insurance in Florida’ original copy. Companies that hire contractors need assurance that they will not be held liable for any injury, damage or substandard work and demand a certificate before signing of any contract.

Cost Of Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida

You might need to cover yourself depending on the nature of and risk associated with your work. Normally roofing contractors or others with higher risk projects themselves under the biggest insurance coverage.

Diverse Insurance Group – Floridians Best Choice!

We understand that every individual needs to be protected under the best contractors liability insurance in Florida that fits within their budget and protects them against all damages resulting from their course of business operation. The reason Floridians prefer Diverse Insurance Group is because we have professional insurance underwriters who can guide you through the best coverage for your business and provide you with a FREE quote and around the clock customer support.

Diverse Insurance Group also provides you valuable coverage under our Commercial Insurance policy which includes Contractors Liability Insurance, Professional Liability, Commercial Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Business Owers Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

So get yourself protected under our affordable commercial liability insurance in Florida. Get your Contractors Liability Insurance in Florida quote for FREE now.

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