General Liabilty Insurance in Florida

General Liability Insurance in Florida

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GL insurance is also referred to as “Commercial General Liability” (CGL) insurance or “Business Liability Insurance.” This form of insurance provides coverage for your business to protect you from some claims such as, bodily injury, personal injury, property damage and others that arise as a result of your business operations.

General Liability Insurance in Florida is safest and provides the most protection to cover your business in case of damage or injury to others, resulting from an  non-negligent accident caused by the owner or an employee to a third party. It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant or night club in South Beach or a small business that manufactures fishing poles and accessories on the West Coast of Florida there is a General Liability Insurance Policy for everyone.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance In Florida?

GL is required for every business owner, no matter if you own a night club or a restaurant, or a small business in Florida, there is a protection for everyone. In a Business Owners Policy, GL is often combined with property insurance, but it is also available as a stand-alone policy for many independent contractors or sub-contractors.

A small accident could bring your business under a lawsuit claim that you might fail to handle. Affordable general liability insurance in Florida is an excellent way to gain confidence and protect your business against expected or unexpected lawsuits, provided that the coverage matches your business level of exposure.

How General Liability Insurance In Florida Can Protect You?

Typically, GL protects every business owner against these types of damages.

What Might Not Be Covered by General Liability Insurance In Florida?

Standard, low-cost general liability insurance in Florida doesn’t protect your business against claims such as:

  • Failure to employ, inability to promote, termination of employees or claims resulting from sexual harassment. These types of claims are covered under employment liability coverage.
  • Car accidents. If you own a truck or other vehicle for your business and employee get hurt during business traveling, it will not be covered under general liability insurance, and a separate automobile coverage is needed.
  • Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions. GL insurance will not protect you from wrongful practices (errors) or failure to provide services (omissions). For this Malpractice insurance coverage is specifically required for licensed professionals such as lawyers, heath practitioners, and consultants.
What Is The Cost Of General Liability Insurance In Florida?

The cost of General Liability Insurance in Florida is impacted by a variety of factors such as:

  • Type of your business
  • Nature of your business
  • Business location
  • The number of staff you own
  • The level of business risk

For example, a person who manufactures and installs equipment may possess higher risk than a person who only sells the equipment.

Saving Money On General Liability Insurance in Florida:

A stable, documented policy and safety procedures at workplace play an essential role to lower your risk of third-party lawsuits.

Costs are directly proportional to risk but there’s also ways to get cheap General Liability Insurance in Florida if you are guided correctly by professional insurance underwriters.

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Only business owners can realize the importance of safeguarding a business which requires careful planning and years to build. Diverse Insurance Group has a proven record in the insurance industry, which might not let your business go down.

Our group offers a wide range of ‘Commercial Insurance Policies’ which includes, General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability, Contractors Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Business Owners Property Insurance.

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