Homeowners Insurance In West Palm Beach

Palm Beach County sits to the north of Miami on Florida’s Atlantic coast and is one of the most hurricane-prone areas of Florida. In fact, Palm Beach County is known for having some of the highest homeowners insurance rates in the state of Florida. Homes in this low-lying county is always at risk of a storm, reason, homeowners insurance in West Palm Beach is extremely necessary. Despite recent high-profile hurricane strikes in Texas, Louisiana, and the Northeastern Corridor, the Sunshine state will always remain the most storm-prone state in the country due its geographical location.

No Flood Coverage

It’s important to remember that homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida don’t cover flood damage and you’ll need to carry a separate flood insurance policy in addition to your existing homeowners insurance policy in West Palm Beach. In some areas (aka Special Flood Hazard areas) of Palm Beach County, flood insurance is mandatory. These places are typically located adjacent to the Palm Beach County coastline or at particularly low elevations.

If a homeowner purchased a home using a federal mortgage loan, they would need to buy separate flood insurance in addition to it.

Can I Forgo Flood Insurance?

Since home insurance is already extremely expensive in West Palm Beach County, you may wish to forgo flood insurance. But this may only be a wise decision if you’re living in certain inland areas of Palm Beach County that are less prone to water damage or flooding.

Determining the average cost of obtaining cheap homeowners insurance in West Palm Beach

As Palm Beach County is a large, diverse part of the state of Florida, it would be difficult to estimate the “average” cost of obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy and flood coverage there. If you live in an inland area, you should assume your average annual insurance costs may be between 2% and 3% of the value of your home. On the contrast, if you live near the Intracoastal Waterway, these costs will approach 5% of the value of your home

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