Cyber bullying is an imminent threat in the United States of America. From kids to adults, bullying takes place to people of all ages. With the evolution of internet, people have started bullying each other on the internet as well.

Cyber bullying includes online threats and harassments, damaging the reputation of the homeowner and causing them severe financial and emotional loss. Cyber bullying is done in a deliberate manner by misusing the internet means. It involves hostile behavior done by a group or an individual with the clear intentions of harming or just to have fun.

Cyber bullying acts have escalated over the years and people have gone too far to actually stalk the person troll them. This leads to massive negativity in one’s life and brings out the worst in them as they feel scared and shy all the time. These acts have been noted by department of justice and there is a law which protects people from being a victim to cyber bullying. A new cyber bullying coverage provides up to $60,000 worth of compensation to insurers and their respective family members for any expenses pertaining to harassment through online personal computers, mobile phones and other devices.

This works when an insurer becomes a subject to cyber bullying and gets harmed in any way. Typically, the coverage provides compensation to the insurer in terms of expenses for rest and recuperation, lost salary, expenses for education, consultants in the cyber security industry, psychiatric services etc.

The cyber bullying coverage is available to all homeowners who acquire a family protection policy. However, the coverage is currently available but, not limited to, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. It will be available to other states in the near future.

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