Diverse Insurance Group Inc. was established to help our clients understand insurance. With an underwriting background, we provide a firsthand look into your policy for an in-depth review. We know how difficult it is to keep up with all the changes within the insurance market so we do it for you.

Diverse Insurance Group specializes in many lines of coverage for your personal and business insurance. Why don’t you concentrate on your life and business and let us handle all your insurance needs. Our online service makes quoting a breeze no matter what type of insurance you are trying to secure our online quoting system allows you to input coverage specific information to generate the best quote quickly.

Once you have completed our form we will start the quoting process we quote your policy with all our carriers and provide the best and most affordable insurance rate. We are also available by phone with extended hours on nights and weekends.

Diverse Insurance Group will be releasing a lot of Press Releases in regards to different lines of insurance and basic understanding of each line of insurance for our fellow Florida residents. We decided to start with Workers Compensation in Florida for our first Press Release which will be published shortly after this one.

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