Hurricane shutters protect you and your most prized possessions, such as your home and your belongings. Hurricane shutters can also save you money by reducing your Florida homeowner’s insurance rates. Here are some steps as to how this is possible:

Your first step is to choose which type of hurricane protection you require. This means that there are many type of instruments through which hurricanes can be contained so that it does not affect the belongings inside your home. There are various types of shutters readily available in the market but, the price of these shutters tend to increase during hurricane season so it’s best to purchase these shutters beforehand and to store them. The hurricane fabric is strong, affordable and easy to deploy. It is great for people who want to safeguard their porch and their garage area. These hurricane shutters can be used to cover the windows of your house as well. Note, regardless of what shutters you choose you must make sure they are Miami-Dade county approved and are available to obtain an NOA.

Next, is the installation. If you install these shutters on your own, make sure to call an inspection team to verify that you have installed them correctly. You can do this easily by searching for “Home Inspectors” near your area on the internet.

Finally, once the installation and inspection process for the shutters is complete, you should immediately inform your insurance company. Truthfully, insurance companies prefer higher premiums but not the payout which takes place in an event of a disaster such as, a hurricane, which do occur in Florida. New laws in Florida have made it vital for homeowners to have storm protection. Although insurance companies know this, they most likely will not give you a discount without having it inspected by a state licensed Mitigator who will perform the same tasks that a local county and city permitting office performs. You are likely to receive a discount once the Mitigator gives the “go ahead” to the Florida insurance company.

After reading this, if you are considering installing hurricane shutters on your home, you should note that once they are installed, you will need to call a state mitigation company to have your home inspected. The insurance discount you receive for hurricane shutters may not be a large sum, but, it may save you a few dollars.

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