It doesn’t take a catastrophic event to cause serious damage to your property. High winds, even in the absence of a named storm, can cause wind damage to your home. It is the right time to make sure you are covered by wind damage insurance in Florida, before it occurs. Here’s what you need to know about this type of insurance.

What Is Wind Damage Insurance in Florida?

Wind damage insurance, also called windstorm coverage, provides protection in the event that your property is damaged by high winds. In such an event, you will be requiring a homeowners insurance coverage which caters to Wind Damage. Such winds may develop in relation to a thunderstorm, hurricane or tornado. Sometimes, even a blizzard or hail can result in damage to your home. For example, if high winds knock a tree into your home or hail breaks your windows, wind damage insurance typically covers that. It usually won’t, however, cover the removal of trees that fall in your yard without damaging your home or hail that damages your car.

Standard Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover Wind Damage Insurance in Florida?

Whether or not you are covered for wind damage depends on the terms of your policy. In some states, standard policies do include wind damage coverage. Check your policy to determine whether yours does, or contact a Florida insurance professional to discuss your needs and coverage. This review and discussion is important for the following reasons:

• Coverage can differ depending on the homeowners insurance company you choose.
• Your policy may include coverage exceptions that affect your protection in the event of wind damage.
• Deductibles policies vary. A higher deductible means more out-of-pocket expenses for repairs.
• Wind damage coverage is often excluded from policies in areas that are the most vulnerable to hurricanes.
• You may need to purchase separate wind damage coverage if it is excluded from your policy.
• There are limits to coverage.

Prevention Through Wind Damage Insurance in Florida

While wind damage insurance is important in the event that the worst happens, prevention is just as critical. If you take steps to prevent wind damage, you may not have to pay anything out of pocket. On the other hand, if damage does occur, you may have to meet a deductible and possibly pay for the removal of debris that falls outside your home.

Here are some ways to prevent damage from destructive winds:

• Keep your roof and shingles in good repair.
• Ensure that outer buildings, lights and fences are well anchored.
• Keep your trees and shrubs healthy and appropriately trimmed. Remove deceased trees.
• Before a storm, park your car in a garage or shed or at least away from trees.
• Make sure your windows and siding are in good shape.
• Ensure that your outer doors are sturdy, have triple hinges and possess deadbolt locks.
• Remove all used clutter from your yard such as BBQ grills patio furniture, these can be treated as missiles during a storm.
• Look into getting hurricane shutters on your home, it will protect your home from a heavy windstorm.

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