Duval county is located in the US Florida state. Jacksonville is its county seat and the county estimated population is above 913,010. For all Duval county homeowners, it is most important to understand that the county is located in a coastal area and poses a greater risk of damage due to hail storms, hurricanes, windstorms and flooding. The county borders a shoreline which doubles the risk of damage due to these natural disasters. Remember, your expensive home hasn’t only natural disaster threats, but you also need to protect it from man-made disasters too. Therefore, having the best Florida home insurance is a must for every homeowner.

Average Duval Florida Home Insurance Premium

The county’s average home insurance premium is above  $2115 annually. While numbers of factors are considered when getting the home insurance Duval, FL it is very important that you get the right coverage plan for your expensive property.

How to know if my cheap Duval homeowners insurance is adequate?

Here are a few tips to make sure you have an adequate and best Florida home insurance.

  • Read over the policy coverages and exclusions carefully.
  • Ask your agent if you need a special coverage for hail or wind storms.
  • Get ‘replacement cost’ coverage instead of ‘actual value’. It will replace your old, damaged items with the new one instead of covering their depreciated value.
  • Add coverage for high-value contents such as, jewelry, antiques, artworks, collectibles, etc.

Am I eligible for Duval Florida homeowners policy discounts?

Your home insurance discounts depend on a number of risk factors associated with your property. Low risk factors help you get better discounts and vise-versa. Therefore, it is best to follow these cost-saving strategies as below:

  • Installation of smoke alarm in every part of your house
  • A good security system
  • Multiple insurance packages such as, auto and home insurance
  • Fire extinguishers will further reduce your risk and so the list continues.

Why diverse group is the best choice?

Among all Floridians, the diverse group is a common name where they search for best Florida home insurance. We not only offers comprehensive coverage plan, but provide you with strategies that could save the cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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