PP is the most densely populated Florida county. As tourists move across PP throughout the year, it gives rise to a major traffic problem. If you’re a Pinellas resident, regardless of your route, every driver needs to have a car insurance in Florida, a legal requirement of the state.

Why Do I Need A Car Insurance?

It’s your protection! It covers the loss occurred due to an accident that results in injuries or property damage to the other people because of your mistake. It can also cover repairs of your car and medical costs.

What Does My Cheap Car Insurance Cover?

Bodily Injury Coverage: It pays for bodily injury liability or death which results from an accident in which you held responsible for the fault. It also covers your legal cost.

Property Damage Coverage: It pays for the other person’s property damage resulting from your car hit. It also covers your legal costs.

Collision Coverage: It pays you for the damage to your car when hit by mistake or by any other object.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Regardless of fault, it pays for medical costs of the driver and passengers in your car.

Comprehensive Coverage: It saves you against the damage occurred due to theft, flood, fire, and other perils.

If I Moved To Another State Will Florida Car Insurance Protect Me?

No, the car insurance in Florida has different regulations so you will need a protection under your prospective state insurance laws.

What Is My Minimum Liability Coverage?

Under your car insurance, FL all drivers need to get a minimum coverage 10/20/10. $10,000 for individual injuries, $20,000 for total passengers injured in a car accident, and $10,000 for property damage, if any.

Can I Add Additional Liability Coverages?

You can always buy additional coverages in addition to your minimum coverage. It will give you an extra layer of protection in the event of the serious collision where expenses>minimum liability coverage.

Why Is Diverse Group Superb?

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