It does not matter what type of Florida home insurance policy you purchase, there will always be a list of universal dilemmas (called “perils”) that many insurance companies will not cover. When you are seeking property insurance for your home, be mindful to read the clauses in the policy as there are generally uncommon terms and conditions that may not cover you in the event of a calamity or other excluded perils.
Insight and experience is your best shield when you have a probable home insurance claim. Knowing which clauses your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy covers and rejects can also aid you in deciding whether you want to acquire further coverage or not.
For example, are you aware that if a foreign army penetrates and occupies the United States destroying your house in the process, your homeowner’s insurance company will not be covering you if an invading army destroys your house since all acts of wars are excluded. On the other hand, you will be covered in an event where your house gets damaged if a car were to hit it. Here are some of exclusions in a homeowners insurance policy.
Earthquakes and sinkholes are mostly not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies but, it can be catered if the customers want to buy a separate policy which pertains to earthquakes. In an event of a fire caused by earthquakes will be covered by your standards homeowners insurance policy. Sinkholes can be added as endorsements to Florida homeowners policies if additional inspection requirements are met.
Windstorms are pretty common in the Gulf Coast states in United States. Not all insurance companies provide this coverage which means those living in windstorm states may have to purchase separate coverage as it may not be included in the standard Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. Review your Florida insurance policy you have a multi-peril policy and wind is included.
Trampoline and other tree-house injuries have been presumed as high-risk by the insurance companies as trampoline linked losses have tripled in the last decade, therefore trampoline and tree-house exposures are normally limited or excluded.
Rare collections of jewelry and fine art have limits on the policy. These items must be specifically scheduled with an appraisal confirming the value or to be acquired by obtaining a separate personal article floater (PAF) insurance policy.
Having a pool in your house sounds like fun and games until you have a casualty resulting due to the pool. Majority of the policies will cover your pool, however, some might charge extra for it, as long as you take safety measures. For example, having a 4-foot self-latching fence around your pool so no one can slip and fall in, etc. On a side note, attaching a diving board or a slide may cause your coverage to be void.
Not taking care of your property and failing to protect it is another clause that may result in exclusion from the Florida homeowners insurance policy. This is known as intentional loss which means that it was due to something you did on purpose with the intention to cause a loss.
If you are caught in any involvement in crime and the government decides to seize all of your assets for the time being, and/or decides to destroy your property, the Florida homeowners insurance company cannot get involved in this matter and will be forced to not uphold your policy.
Generally, if your home gets destructed due to fire or windstorm and now you want to repair it with an upgrade, the homeowners insurance company will only be compensating you for the repair and any upgrade being made will have to be out of your own pocket. Also, most people believe they will be covered in an event if a flood destroys their possessions. For protection against floods, you will have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy or you will not be covered otherwise.