High-value items  can fall into two categories: valuables and technology. High technology items are television, computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc. Whereas valuables can be precious metals, gold, silver, antiques, trophies, musical instruments, guns, golf  equipments, sound recorders, wedding gifts, artwork, and paintings.

High-Value Home Insurance Compare 

Being a homeowner, your responsibility is to protect each and every item under your homeowner’s insurance policy. The diverse group offers you worldwide off the premises coverage at an affordable high value insurance in Florida. When you take your possessions away from home, for example, wearing jewelry at weddings, your peace of mind is  somewhere distracted that what will happen if my jewelry got damaged or stolen? Don’t worry! We understand your lifestyle needs and that’s the reason behind introducing an insurance of high-value items.

Valuable Items Coverage Options:

  • If you don’t have valuable items coverage, then you can add-on these items on your current homeowner’s insurance policy
  • You can purchase a separate policy for your valuables
  • You can also get the collective coverage of your total property
  • Be confident with your preferred deductibles
  • You can request us to change your coverage plan in case you buy new items or sold the used one. Therefore, a periodic assessment will be beneficial for you.

How Provider Determines Values Of Your Belongings?

Insurance companies usually send an expert to assess, view and document  your high-value items such as collectibles, jewelry, antiques, etc. In case you disagree by the appraiser’s assessed value, you can request us to resolve the matter by sending another appraiser. Leave it to us! We will determine the best for you.

Why Choose Us?Let Us Be Your Independent Insurance Agent

We Offer Best High Value Home Insurance Florida 

The Diverse group provides you affordable options to protect your treasured belongings. We desire to safeguard your treasures by offering you a customized insurance policy. Whether you just need to insure your golds or silvers or you want an insurance plan for multiple valuables, diverse group is the best choice.

24/7 Customer Support

We give you round the clock service. At any time you can contact our agents to know more about our policies and also you can get your Florida high value home insurance quotes  online.