Floods hit Louisiana, possibly the worst natural disaster, resulting in huge losses and increased claims for homeowners insurance.

Homes, cars, offices and various other places have been subject to floods which have caused millions of dollars’ worth of losses. According to officials in Louisiana, 11 people have passed away and almost 30,000 people have been rescued. Government official, John Bel Edwards, has admitted that exact figures regarding how many people are missing is not confirmed. Although on Monday, it was noted that almost 8,100 people slept in shelters and around 40,000 homes were severely affected.

Florida parishes were very much engaged and were in their search and rescue mode. Mr. Edwards went onto say that ‘saving life is the most pivotal priority that we have. We will be dedicating every available and possible resource to response to the efforts required until they are no longer needed.’

Louisiana experiences harsh weather in and out. Since weather is unpredictable, it’s hard to determine the scale of weather in an instant. Floods have impacted from Maryland to South Carolina to Louisiana to Texas. This has resulted in billions of dollars’ worth of economic loss. With that being said, claims have escalated over the roof due to such a disaster. People have been calling in and out their insurance agencies and claiming for their respective insurance as per their contract. In such a situation, patience is key and there are a lot of people to be taken care of and resources needs to be allocated efficiently. This means that you will need to support the relevant parties in letting them carry out their due process and get back to you as soon as they can.

In such a situation, those who are insured will be assured they get their settlement. However, for those who aren’t will be facing an issue as losses per person would be thousands of dollars. This will be a huge sum to bear. In such a situation, one can only wish they had the best homeowners insurance policy. There are countless people who don’t have insurance and when a catastrophe strikes, they regret not having it. For those who are living in Florida should take this as an example and acquire the adequate amount of insurance that is needed.

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