High-value homeowners insurance has become a concern for many homeowners across Florida. It has been decided by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation that they will limit coverage to $1,000,000 for all Florida coastal properties.

This decrease by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation will change the purchasing strategy for florida homeowners. The change also raises many questions such as what are these Florida coastal properties supposed to do for adequate Florida homeowners insurance? Can you secure the proper amount of insurance needed for your $1,500,000-$5,000,000 dollar Florida mansion?

There are solutions available first and foremost you need experience on your side. Someone who can guide you through making sure that not only your Florida property is properly insured but you are a-swell. There are personal umbrella limits that may be available as an endorsement to your homeowners policy or if needed a separate personal umbrella policy with higher liability limits are extremely affordable. Much more affordable than a minor accident that can turn into an attorneys high profile case.

There are also options available when it comes to your vehicles in the household. Package policies are available to combine your Florida automobiles, your Florida home and recreational vehicles. When you combine these lines of coverage, if available it usually leads to great overall discounts.

There are many discounts that may be available it takes a thorough review of the current Florida homeowners policy to determine all the credits that may be available. After analyzing the current policy usually recommendations will be made that will benefit the Florida homeowner. We pride ourselves in passing on our underwriting background to our customers.

Please fill out the quick quote homeowners quote form and we will be in touch with you right away. We understand the needs of high profile clients and we know that more than just an independent agency is required. We believe we are that agency and can provide our clients with a personal touch and excellent customer service. We understand how valuable your time is so we make ourselves available nights and weekends. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns or issues.