It is no secret that there are many different problems that can lead to increases in homeowners’ insurance in Florida. By understanding a Florida homeowners insurance policy, you can know the most common Florida homeowners insurance claims that can help you to choose the policy that best fits your needs, allowing you not to worry about the significant out of pocket costs.
According to, Floridians have the distinction of living in the second most disaster prone state in the country. Florida suffers from high winds, tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes which are the top source of claims in Florida. Along with other things such as water, crime, and fire.
Other common types of Florida homeowner’s insurance claims include visitor accidents. For example, a family friend slips and falls by the pool, or they get bit by your family dog.
For those of us who live in the sunshine state, we are well aware of the extreme seasonal weather and have taken out our Florida homeowner’s insurance policies accordingly, as a safety precaution.
Unluckily, due to recent threats to the economy, combined with the increased weather conditions, a perfect storm of desperation has been created on behalf of the Florida insurance companies. The aim of insurance companies is to make profit and to remain profitable, meaning, that they must become progressively combative in settling claims, and when required, they need to be able to cross the line to ruthless methods.
Since Florida homeowners insurance claims are increasing rapidly these days, insurance companies face great enticement to shortchange policy holders by giving less than a fair compensation. Unfavorable cases are taking place where they are acting in bad faith and refusing claims which they know are legitimate. Do not let the Florida insurance companies dupe you.
Water Damage is one of the most often filed claims in Florida, however, these impairments do not include the costs associated with flooding. Water damage policies cover a few issues that result from damaged or broken pipes or drain breakdowns that result in plumbing issues. In Florida, these might cost on average well over $6,000 per claim.
Burglary or Theft of property could potentially cost you a pretty penny and is one of the most often filed claims in Florida. Due to these circumstances, you should make sure that any Florida property insurance you choose provides you with sufficient coverage.
Physical Damage can include a wide range of causes but, these damages are those that are not listed under any other part of the Florida insurance policy.
Flooding is actually quite common in Florida, especially when you live near the coast. This is one of the most common claims and is also one of the most expensive, especially with costs increasing. Flood claims increase each time a flood takes place and/or depending on whether or not the home is a total loss. Flood insurance is not covered in most property insurance policies and it must be added to your new policy. When purchasing your Florida homeowner’s insurance, make sure to include these coverage in your policy and/or to adjust these added premiums.