Arrive Alive… Or Better Stay At Home

The state of Florida is known for year-round warm temperatures, and that’s why it is also called the ‘Sunshine state.’ Very rarely do we see any snowfall here but winter weather does visit the Florida state on occasion, and drivers aren’t prepared. Whether your region is blanketed in snow or not, it’s always imperative to get yourself prepared in advance.

winter driving tips

Greet This Winter Season Confidently!

For every Floridian safety, we have come up with these essential winter tips to ensure you and your loved ones travel safely in Florida (this and every next winter).

  • Never drive if you feel fatigue
  • Inflate your tires properly
  • Never move without turning headlights
  • In cold weather, prevent your gas line from freezing by keeping gas tank at least half-full
  • Mind your vehicle speed! Never use cruise or speed control when driving on an icy, slippery road.
  • Never take quick turns. Turn slowly and don’t forget to signal when turning so that other drivers get alerted.
  • If your tires get stuck in the snow, do not try to walk in blowing snow; within few seconds you can lose sight of your car and get lost.
  • Always remember to keep your vehicle exhaust pipe free from being a freeze. A blocked pipe may cause carbon monoxide gas to leak while the engine is running.
  • Avoid road trips in extremely bad weather or when it has been by forecasted. If traveling is a must in case of an emergency or other reason, always inform your family of your route, time of arrival and destination.
  • Decelerate your vehicle slowly on icy roads, because it takes a long time to stop.
  • Employ threshold breaking, whether your car has antilock brakes or not.
  • Needless to say, pay attention towards the direction you are headed and always wear a seatbelt.

Unless necessary choose to stay at home on snowy days. If you can shop online, do that. Deliver food at home rather than going to a restaurant. Doing so may not just keep you happy but safe also.