If you think your insurance company is going to cover all of your hassles, then you’re in for a surprise! There is some ambiguity in that claim. Getting your home insured does not mean that you are completely out of risk. Here’s why:

• Flood Insurance – Hurricanes bring in floods and whether or not you reside in a potential flood area, you should make sure your flood claim is covered.

• Sewage backups – When you have water in your basement and it becomes a blockade, you could lose personal items and it could cost you a hefty amount for restoration.

• Earthquakes – Tremors take place almost everywhere and in most states, earthquake damage is not covered in average homeowner’s policy. If you reside in a major fault line, the insurance rates are going to be high whereas, if you do not reside in a fault prone area then the rates tend to be affordable.

• Termites – According to the National Pest Management Association, termites can cause on average $5 billion dollars of damage each year in the U.S. alone! You might be surprised to know that is not covered by the homeowner’s insurance company. Yes, there is termite coverage, which normally takes place through a pest removal service, but you are better off keeping an eye out for wood damage.