Today our topic is General Liability insurance for Artisan Contractors in Florida. Artisan Contractors by definition means “trained or skilled worker” Artisan Contractors in Florida have the experience necessary to handle complex projects. After speaking to the Artisan Contractor community here in Florida I have come to find out that most of them are having trouble securing the proper insurance for their growing business. They have even had to let go of bigger, better jobs because they cannot provide a Certificate of Liability.

I think that we all have a little bit of an Artisan Contractors inside of us; I mean everyone has tried to be Mr. /Mrs. Fix it before haven’t they? I know I have tried to repair my garbage disposal, paint my interior and do other little things around the house unsuccessfully. Now I realize its best to leave it to the professionals and help these professionals with my expertise securing the proper coverage for their business.

The most common reasons that have been brought to my attention which made securing the proper General Liability insurance for Artisan Contractors in Florida has been the following. First and most common reason NEW business, second too small of a business or one man show and third no previous proof of insurance.

Let me address these issues one by one. First thing is first we believe in helping the Artisan Contractors community here in Florida and we can guarantee that as long as the owner has minimum one year experience in the industry securing the proper General Liability insurance will not be a problem. Second we have heard many owners say that they do not have any employees and that they run the business themselves. My answer don’t you want to grow your business to get the projects that require a Certificate of Liability for as little as $431 dollars a year? That breaks down to $35.91 a month which I think is affordable to every Artisan Contractor in Florida.

Lastly I have been told by several Artisan Contractors in Florida that they do not have current insurance and they have been denied coverage by many carriers. Once again let me assure you that prior insurance is not a requirement. We can provide coverage to you even if you do not have General Liability insurance for Artisan Contractors currently. I really would like to take the time to explain the benefits to the business owners here in Florida. Feel free to reach out to us at any time. I have listed below all the eligible classes that we have a special package for.

If you do not see your expertise below that does not mean insurance is not available we have helped many people in every type of business once again I am always available by phone directly to speak to all our business owners to make sense of all the requirements that your new or current client requires.

-Air Conditioning Systems Installation, Service or Repair
-Air Cooled Engine Service or Repair
-Appliance & Accessories Installation – Commercial
-Appliance & Accessories Installation – Household
-Carpentry Construction – Residential
-Carpentry – Interior (incl. wood flooring)
-Carpentry – shop only
-Carpet, Rug, Furniture, or Upholstery Cleaning – on
customer premises
-Office Machines Installation and Service
-Ceiling or Wall Installation – Metal
-Concrete Construction
-Debris Removal / Construction Site Clean – Up
– Door, Window Installation
-Driveway, Parking Area, Sidewalk Paving or Repaving
-Drywall or Wallboard Installation
– Electrical Work – within buildings
-Floor Covering Installation – carpet not ceramic tile or
stone (for ceramic tile stone etc.)
-Solar Energy Contractors
-Furniture / Fixtures Installation
-Garbage, Ash or Refuse Collecting
-Grading of Land
-Handyperson – no commercial work, roofing, or
-Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Service or Repair
-House Furnishing Installation
-Insulation Installation – Plastic
-Insulation Installation – Mineral
-Interior Decorators
-Janitorial Services
-Landscape Gardening
-Lawn Care Services
-Logging and Lumbering (does not incl. residential tree
-Painting – Interior
-Plastering or Stucco
-Septic Tank Systems – Cleaning only
-Siding Installation (for wood siding use carpentry class)
-Sign Painting / Lettering – Interior
-Sign Painting / Lettering – Exterior
-TV or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair
-Tents or Canvas Goods – Erection, Removal, or Repair
-Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work – Interior
-Window Cleaning

Specialty General Liability Lines For Artisan
(Skilled or Trained Workers)