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5th anniversary Diverse Insurance Group (1st Jan 2012-1st Jan 2017)

5th anniversary Diverse Insurance Group          (1st Jan 2012-1st Jan 2017)

We at Diverse Insurance Group take pride in providing top quality service to our customers. We make sure that every customer is fully satisfied. Here are few reasons that you might want us to be your Insurance Agent and provide you with Cheap Insurance FREE Quotes in Florida:

  1. Most affordable rates.
  2. Convenience.
  3. Peace of mind that everything is covered.
  4. Your personal data is secure with us.
  5. Personalized 24/7 Customer Service.
  6. Instant Policy Data Access.
  7. Cheap quotes from top of the line insurance carriers in Florida.
  8. Professional Insurance Underwriters.

Our team of highly experienced professional insurance underwriters look forward to provide you with an expert advise that will allow you to insure your property at the most affordable rates with full coverage.

We are here to fulfill Floridians insurance needs for:

Homeowners Insurance: 

Condo Insurance

Landlord Rental Property Insurance

Renters Apartment Insurance 

High Value Insurance

Commercial Insurance:

Professional Liability

Contractors Liability

Business Owners Property/Liability 

Commercial Property 

Workers Compensation

General Liability

Auto Insurance:

Non Standard Auto

Classic Car

Flood Insurance

Franchise Insurance