Congratulations On Your Marriage!

Once you’re married, you probably received some expensive gifts from loved ones. Did you get a crystal gem or fine china set? Whatever, it is all the presents are precious gems. If you’ve concerns about losing your gifts being stolen from the wedding location, check your home insurance policy wordings as to personal property coverage. You might find some good coverage on your homeowner insurance in Florida.

Combined Valuable Coverage

Once your spouse enters your home, it makes sense to protect your combined belongings (furnitures, appliances, clothes, etc.) on a single homeowner insurance policy in Florida. If both of you own separate renters policies before getting married, you can drop one policy easily.  After all, combining policies can save you some premium amount.

What’s Your Standard Home Insurance Policy, FL Says?

Once you’re married, it is recommended to add your spouse name immediately to the standard home policy. Your policy defines all insured names of your household, therefore, a new member should also be specifically included in your best homeowners policy.

Do Insurance Companies Use Marital Status To Determine Your Rate?

Generally, insurance providers use marital status as a factor to offer you lower rates than before. They may also offer a flat discount, typically 5% off, when you tie the knot. It’s worth contacting your provider and ask for better discounts once you are hitched.

Do I Need To Add A High-Value Coverage?

Along the lines of belongings coverage, you need to evaluate if it will better to add a high-value content coverage for jewelry and other precious items. Your standard homeowner insurance in Florida doesn’t include items of significant value, and to protect these expensive contents you will need to buy an additional coverage named as ‘High-value content’ coverage.

What About Personal Liability Claims?

From the standpoint of personal liability claims, you should know that your standard policy will now cover your spouse too, in the event of any personal liability claim. Your joint assets will be considered in the event of a court judgment. Seriously, you should increase your liability limits and purchase an umbrella liability policy.

Buy Best Homeowner Insurance In Florida

Marriage is a milestone! Now It’s time to talk about your existing homeowner’s insurance. The diverse group expert insurance advisors guide each Floridian well, which can make a big difference in their new life.

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