Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Duval In 2017

For all Duval County homeowners, a standard home insurance policy includes protection against most perils and it is very common that this traditional coverage doesn’t cover earthquake or flood damage. With 864,263 residents living in the County, there are above 388,486 homeowners who pay on average around $176.25 a month or $2115 per year are now looking for cheap homeowners insurance in Duval.  Here we guide you!

How To Shop Low Rates In Duval?

Unfortunately, when it comes to homeowners insurance in South Florida, it looks like there will going to be a rate hike time again. Most of the major insurance companies are seeking rate hikes when writing policies in the southern part of the Florida state, so be prepared for 2017 renewal time. Here are a few tips to help you get cheap homeowners insurance in Duval.

Shop Around

If your current policy rates have gone up, the best advice is to shop around for affordable coverage options. Diverse Insurance Group will help you shop and you will find the best policy at the best price.


Different insurance companies have different policies for discounts, so it is important to read your policy and ask your agent if you qualify to receive discounts. The best agent will review your case and make sure all discounts are being applied.

Spend some amount on upgrading Your Home

Did you know in storm-prone south Florida, replacing your old roof for the new one, adding storm shutters, wind resistant materials or sprinkler system can result in a significant discount? Yes, if you want to put money back in your pocket, upgrade your home now!

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Contact Us To Get Cheaper Home Insurance Quotes Online!

If your rates are headed up, our professional insurance agents can help you find an affordable homeowners insurance policy in Florida. Our quoting process is hassle free, once you request quotes online; you will get a number of coverage options and rates available. No matter if you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance in Duval, West Palm Beach, Broward, Brevard and Gainsville, contact Diverse Insurance Group at (754) 300 7352 or visit our website

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5 Steps to Buy Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Duval County