Hurricane season is right in the middle. Insurance rates have escalated over the months. This begs the question; will my insurance agency protect me if a big one hits in Florida?

Patty Harris is a resident and owns a home in Miami. She has seen that her insurance premium has doubled since 2010. Her insurance premium was $2,000. Her current insurance premium is $4,000. Patty Harris has switched from Citizens Insurance in 2013. South Florida is the highest paying insurance rates in the state currently. Insurance in Florida is mostly covered by Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

Experts and analysts in the industry claim that Florida is in a better shape than it was since the hurricane blackout of 2004-2005. However, it’s been almost 11 years since the major storm hit South Florida. This means that numerous small companies are not tested to their maximum capability. However, it must be noted that small insurance companies in Florida have never been tested like the hurricane in 1992, so it’s hard to say that the insurance companies will perform well in an event where a big catastrophe strikes.

Here are the top 15 homeowner insurers in Florida:

What Happens When a Big One Hits in Florida?

What Happens When a Big One Hits in Florida?

The most important thing while getting insurance is to see the financial viability of the insurance company. If the insurance company has great financial soundness and has been there since over a decade, this shows that the company has seen the rough days and knows exactly how to cope up with the unforeseen events that strike unprecedented.

When a big one hits in Florida, the insurance companies will be flooded with insurance claims and people will be relying on their insurance agency to compensate them for the damages. It must be noted that reading the insurance policy is a great start as it clears any ambiguity. Some people believe that their basic homeowners insurance policy will bear all their damages in an event of floods, earthquakes, windstorm etc. Sadly, that’s not the case. Review your homeowners insurance policy and keep yourselves updated.

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