We have heard about homeowners claiming their insurance for this or that but what really tops in the claims list? Well, since Florida being the sunshine state is always the center of weather incidents, it’s observed that more than half of all the homeowners insurance claims in Florida are related to weather. This includes claims such as pipes, roof and leaking, freezing and bursting amongst many others being the root causes of home damage especially during hurricane season.

Claims vary from city to city and state to state but there are some states which have the highest homeowners insurance claims and Florida is amongst one of them. Generally, the most common causes of home claims are:

1. Wind Damage – a staggering 25% of all losses are related to wind damage that harms the exterior structure of the home. When hurricane season kicks in, wind speeds go above 150 mph. Such high wind speeds damage the exterior structure and bring along broken pieces from other structures, resulting in huge damages to homes. Hence, this results in claims going up.

2. Plumbing and Water Damage – in the recent years, we have seen sinkholes being developed in Florida. This is due to leakage in pipes which are set underground. Pipes are getting old and are causing a burst which leads to the soil being soft. Moreover, water damage in homes is due to old pipes that were installed years ago. This is a serious issue and leads to 19% of the claims.

3. Hail – hail damage puts severe pressure on the roof of a house. Just before you have your roof inspected, check your insurance policy as not all homeowners insurance policies cover hail damage. If you’re not covered for hail damage, a claim cannot be made. If you do have hail damage in your policy, consult with your insurance company before making the claim. Its estimated that about 15% account for hail damage.

4. Theft – theft takes place at unprecedented times. One can never be sure about it as it is unexpected. Claims regarding theft are made in hopes of recovering the loss.

Be sure to have the best homeowners insurance for your home and belongings. If an unforeseen catastrophe strikes and you’re without adequate insurance, you could be in a bad shape to financially cope up with it. For everything else, feel free to call us at 754 300 7352, our highly skilled team will be eager to assist you in your insurance queries and have the best and cheap insurance for you which best suits your needs. Also, fill out a Free Quote Form to get a quote estimation.