Home Insurance Near Me Protects My Home And Belongings

Most well informed Florida homeowners know that homeowners policy in Florida covers the loss of personal items if it’s stolen from your home or destructed in a catastrophic event like storms or fire. Not as many homeowners know that in few cases, their home insurance policy acts as a guard against incidents occurred outside their home. If you’re a victim of theft, occurred outside and inside your home, you might be thinking how home insurance near me will cover my loss. Read below!

Off-Premises Coverage

The term itself indicates that many losses occurred due to theft outside your property may be covered by off-premises coverage under standard homeowners policy in Florida. While home insurance near me offers protection far from home, the coverage limits might differ in each case. In some Florida states where there are high crime rates, a homeowner may not be protected under off-premises coverage. So you’ll need to check your homeowner’s policy to make sure you’re covered under off-premises coverage.

Limits to Off-Premises Coverage

Off-Premises coverage isn’t a panacea for all your damages or losses occurred due to theft. Your policy won’t compensate you if you lost your automobile (separate auto policy required) or CDs, or MP3 players stolen from your car. Similarly, your policy won’t cover you for the loss of boat that isn’t parked at your home.

Does home insurance near me cover my loss if cash is stolen from me?

For instance, during a holiday shopping, you stop to eat your favorite food at a food court. While you are distracted, a person standing nearby steals your wallet. You lose $500 in cash plus $40 gift cards. In this situation, your homeowner’s policy can reimburse you for the cash stolen but only up to certain limits as described.

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I Need Best Home Insurance Near Me

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