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Landlord Rental Property Insurance in Florida

 If  You Are A Landlord Then You Need To Protect Your House Through Rental Property Insurance in Florida

Being a landlord hundreds of questions are on your mind. For example, search for the right tenant, homeowners policy, meeting wear and tear of homes and so the list continues. With Diverse Insurance Group, you have less things to worry about. Our advisors are experienced in the field of insurance and can guide you well about your Rental Property Insurance in Florida.

What Does Rental Property Insurance in Florida Cover?

  • ⚫ Your rental investment property
  • ⚫ Housing structures such as garages, sheds etc
  • ⚫ Homeowner appliances such as, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerator, dryer, etc., which are being used by your tenants
  • ⚫ Your repairing tools and anything else you own.

Need For Specialized Rental Property Insurance in Florida

If you’re new to the landlord business, you might have no idea about rental property insurance cost and the need for special homeowner insurance. Even if you’ve a homeowners policy, you need to specifically include landlords insurance policy in it and if not specifically included, your insurance provider can refuse to pay for the loss occurred while the property is renter-occupied.

Your landlord insurance coverage doesn’t provide you coverage for your tenant’s personal belongings and they need to protect that with their renter’s insurance policy.

Diverse Insurance Group A Platform For Cheap Rental Property Insurance in Florida

Whether you own a building, apartment, house or condo, the need for landlord insurance is a must.The Diverse group offers you customized landlord policies tailored according to your needs and budget. We not only protect your investment, but also you. Another problem which you may face is weather-related damage to your home. The next question which comes to your mind

Does my Landlord Rental Property Insurance policy provide coverage for damage occurred due to rain, flood, hurricanes and tornadoes?

The risk of heavy rains and storms are high in the state of Florida when compared with other US states. A traditional home insurance policy might not give you protection against all the natural disasters and you need to inquire your provider for the separate policy coverage.

 Protect Your Home From Burglary

The overall rate of burglary in Florida is high when compared to other US states. According to the 2012 statistics,

  • ⚫ Florida experiences more than 150,000 burglaries in a year;
  • ⚫ Homes in Fort Lauderdale the city of FL, recorded 18.49 burglaries per 1000 homes, however, an average rate is 7.95 burglaries per 1000 homes.
  • ⚫ Obviously, if you own a property in a safe area, such as Tampa or Hialeah, you will be offered lower rates as compared to high-risk areas such as Tallahassee or Ft. Lauderdale.

Find and Compare Online Quotes For Landlord Rental Insurance Property Insurance in Florida 

Landlords need more than they deserve that’s why Diverse insurance group offers 24/7 online support. Whether you opt for a new landlord policy for the first time or not satisfied with your current provider, contact our agents anytime you feel free. Also, take an appropriate time to compare your landlord insurance quotes FL and get the best comprehensive plan for your rental property.

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