Termites Can Really Take Away Your Peace Of Mind!

According to the survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association, Termites cause above $5 billion property damages every year in the US. And while they are a real threat to your beautiful home, you should know about the fact that your standard homeowner insurance in Florida doesn’t compensate you for the damages caused by termites. Your traditional cheap homeowner’s policy provides coverage for sudden or accidental events and not for those that may have been prevented with a regular home maintenance.

Sometimes, termite damages cause collateral damages in your home. For example, a wall gets collapsed due to termite biting also results in electronic damage; those electronic items may be covered under your homeowner policy in Florida. However, the structural damage will not be covered.

Do I Need To Purchase A Terminate Bond?

Particularly, homeowners should purchase a termite bond which is also known as “termite damage insurance.” The bond serves as a contract between you and a termite control company for a stipulated period. It explains that the firm will provide proper termite inspections and treatments. The most comprehensive bonds guarantee that the homeowners will be compensated for the repairs or retreatments necessary due to termite damage.

When buying a homeowner insurance policy in Florida, ask your insurance company about the termite coverage.

Tips To Protect Your Home Against Termites

  1. Prevent overstocking of water around your home.
  2. Poison the entire termite colony by using a termite bait.
  3. Use liquid pesticide/ termiticides to create a barrier around your home.
  4. Avoid trees too close to your home.
  5. Use nematodes to kill termites.
  6. Don’t keep scrap wood piles close to your home.
  7. Keep your wooden furniture away from walls.
  8. Leaky pipes invite termites, as they are more attracted towards leakages.
  9. If you are buying a new home, make sure it is termite free.
  10. Do annual or half yearly termite inspection.

Although the above prevention tips can help to reduce the percentage of termites, they aren’t guaranteed. It would be best to hire professionals who can do regular inspection and treatments to ensure that your home is safe from dangerous termites

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