Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Broward And Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, standard home insurance policies are a bit confusing to understand. Damage from flood water define as being caused by rising sea level entering into a property, requires a separate coverage in the state of Florida. Conversely, if your home becomes flooded by rain water entered through a leaky roof, your flood policy won’t protect you. If you’re a Broward county resident, which is a highly-affected county of the Sunshine state, the first thing you should do is to review your coverage to understand exactly what is and what’s not covered under your cheap homeowners insurance in Broward.

Talk to your agent

Your agent can help you understand the basics of homeowners policy in Florida or a public adjuster at Guardian Adjusting can help you with. Your public adjuster can make sure that your home is ready for any eventuality and can identify any holes in your coverage.

What is the most common reason for a denial of water claims?

When talking to Diverse Insurance Group professional insurance agents, the failure and negligence on the part of homeowners to perform regular roof inspection and maintenance is the most common reason for a denial of water claims.

Perform regular maintenance

Imagine that a storm brings a heavy amount of rain inside your property, damages furniture and carpets due to roof leaking in several places. The insurance company’s stance in this situation will be that the damage is due to the negligence of homeowner’ responsibility to properly maintain the roof. Similarly, if a crack in the wall or a leaky pipe is responsible for any water coming inside the property, a homeowner is solely responsible for that incident.

Locate a roof leak

Hire a professional roof inspector to locate holes or other problems with the roof. Even after taking your reasonable steps to locate problems with the roof, many things go unnoticed so it is advisable to hire professionals.

Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Broward From Us

Broward county, FL, has the most expensive homeowner’s insurance rates due to frequent natural attacks in the past few years. The insurance companies are charging a high amount for standard policies and finding affordable homeowners policy in Broward, Florida is no easy task now. If you’re the one looking for lowest insurance rates, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at

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