Don’t Lose Hope On Your Cheap Homeowners Insurance Claim In Florida

We understand your beautiful home has suffered serious damage because of the recent natural disaster attack in the state of Florida. You must be cursing your insurance agent in Florida, however, don’t let your emotions overlap you and stay calm to address the situation rationally. This blog aims to guide you through the Florida Cheap Homeowners Insurance Claim process.

Review the Policy 

As a Florida homeowners insurance policyholder, it’s your duty to read your homeowners insurance policy in detail, but you probably didn’t go through it before filing a claim. You should fully understand the coverage.

What might cause denial your cheap homeowner’s insurance claim in Florida? Typical reasons include;

  1. Failure to pay policy premiums
  2. The claim was filed against those perils which weren’t covered
  3. Not obeying policy rules or taking preventive measures
  4. insufficient documentation, etc.

Give the policy another review to understand the possible reasons for denial. In case your copy of the homeowner’s insurance policy was destroyed in the event, you can ask your Florida insurance provider to get you a copy.

Understand the Denial 

As a policyholder, you should receive a formal letter from your provider that clearly specifies the reasons for the denial. If you did not receive formal notification, ask your insurance agent again because they are obligated to explain the reason for a homeowners insurance claim denial.

After you receive a formal letter, compare the reasons with your policy statements. Did you or your adjuster fail to understand the situation? Do you have any dispute in the policy term?

If the denial is ambiguous, ask for clarification. Document all conversations with names of person you talked with, dates, times, and then send this information to the insurance company while keeping a copy for yourself.

If you found their denial accurately described, all you can do is learn from your mistake.

Here are the essential steps a homeowner must take if he or she still believes to have a valid reason to challenge the denial:

Go For an Appeal

It’s your right to fill out an appeal form with your adjuster. Ask a trusted but an impartial friend to review the case from an insurer’s point of view. Maybe you have your perspective, but your friend may be able to give you a genuine advice and a constructive insight that would help you win your appeal.

Inquire About The Expected Resolution Date

Ask the insurance company for a date of resolution. Don’t make a mess and stay calm. Be as patient as circumstances allow you to be. If the deadline passes without any notification follow up at your earliest.

Seek Further Action If Necessary 

If you still have the dispute on the adjuster’s action, you can speak to superiors within the insurance company. You can also file a complaint typically with the state’s Insurance Commission.

If nothing else works, seek an attorney with experience in a cheap homeowners insurance claim in Florida.

Adopt Preventative Measures

Should such a disastrous event happen again, it’s our honest advice to all Floridian homeowners to review their policy thoroughly, have supporting documentation ready, photograph the damage and fill out your claim thoroughly and carefully.

Obeying the steps mentioned above, we expect your case is resolved to your satisfaction, and you successfully move on to the recovery stage and put the negativity behind you. “Be as preventative as possible.”

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