It’s no wonder that Florida state experiences more frequent hurricanes than any other state of US. With an increase in the number of storms every year, many homeowners are realizing the importance and planning to purchase the best hurricane insurance quote in Florida.

Understanding Hurricane Insurance FL

A type of insurance that brings you back to life after a catastrophic storm. High force winds can shatter your windows, damage property, overturn vehicles and much more you can think.

History Of Hurricanes In Florida

According to the facts summarized by National Weather Service Hurricane Center:

  • In 1992:

The state of Florida was badly affected by Hurricane Andrew, than any other state of US with a damage of  more than $45 billion.

  • In 2004:

The year of Atlantic hurricanes, Ivan, Frances, Charley and Jeanne caused loss of more than $54 billion infrastructure and property damage in Florida.

  • In 2005:

Hurricane Wilma, another disaster for people in Florida, caused loss of more than $25 billion, whereas, Katrina and Rita were also unforgettable hurricanes caused loss of more than $100 billion in total.

What Protection Does Florida Hurricane Insurance Give?

Understanding the coverage plan is little tricky. When compared with other general deductibles, homeowners policy offers special deductibles for the damage occur due to hurricanes.

Does My Homeowners Policy Cover Hurricane And Flood Damage?

Most homeowners policies don’t provide flood and hurricane insurance coverage. However, hurricane insurance protects your home from water damage, but doesn’t include damages from rain and the wind.

What Aid Assistance Will Be Offered By State After A Hurricane?

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps hurricane affected people to recover from the disaster by offering them low-interest rate loans. It can take weeks or months to designate aid to the affected areas. The loan recipients must repay the loan, however, they need not to repay insurance policy claims and the insurance providers may compensate them- reimbursements from premiums.

How To Estimate Hurricance Insurance Quote In Florida?

Insurance companies consider various factors when estimating best hurricane insurance quote such as:

  • How old your home is?
  • Is your home located in risky areas, where there are high chances of storms?
  • Your home’s value?
  • Structure of your home?

It is important to discuss all the above factors with your insurance agents to get the right policy for you.

Why Choose Us?

Before next hurricane hits your home, it is advisable to get your coverage plan as early as possible. We have a pool of experienced agents who can better analyze your budget requirements and assist you accordingly. So, don’t wait long and contact Diverse group for more cheap hurricane insurance quotes.